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Where Faith & Craftsmanship Meet

Our artisans are dedicated to creating high-quality, beautiful products that reflect our Benedictine values of simplicity, hospitality, and community.

Our Work

We offer bookbinding services performed by Benedictine monks using traditional methods and high-quality materials. We accept orders for custom bookbinding and sell handbound journals and sketchbooks.

We create beautiful stained glass items that are more than just decorative. The Benedictine monks use traditional techniques and high-quality materials to create their craft.

Fiber Arts

St. Vincent Artisans offers various fiber arts products, all handcrafted by Benedictine monks using traditional methods and premium-grade natural materials. Our products are both beautiful and functional.


Our calligraphy services and products are more than just beautiful decorations. They are also a way to express your personal style and to make your correspondence and gifts extra special. Our monks are inspired by their faith and their love of art to create calligraphy products that are both inspiring and uplifting.

Why We Work & Create

Living a life of ora et labora, or prayer and work, the Benedictines of Saint Vincent Archabbey have many opportunities for both endeavors.

The arts have been a part of the Archabbey since its founding, with Archabbot Boniface Wimmer noting that “my heart is in this work, and I will spare no expense to teach the students first what is necessary, then what is useful, and finally what is beautiful so long as it contributes to their refinement.”

"...religion and art must cooperate to give our liturgy and outward splendor, great dignity, and even grandeur to render it dear to the people."

Handmade Goods Made By Benedictine Monks

Shop our collection of handmade goods made by Benedictine monks, including bookbinding, stained glass, and handbound journals. Our products are made with simplicity, hospitality, and community in mind. These  artisans are carrying on a tradition that has been passed on from generation to generation of monks.

Are you looking for that perfect gift for someone? We create high-quality items that will last many lifetimes. Set your words to paper, handbound in leather. Get a stained glass Eucharist panel to display where you worship. Additionally, our Father Vincent Crosby is a specialist in creating liturgical vestments and other fabric arts. If interested please click below.

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