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Custom Bookbinding


Handbound Book

Get a dissertation, master’s thesis, bachelor’s thesis, family history, or first draft of a novel custom-bound with a leather cover. The cost will be dependent upon the size and number of pages.

The monks of Saint Vincent Archabbey have been involved with books, publishing, and bookbinding from the start. When Archabbot Boniface Wimmer, O.S.B., arrived at present-day Saint Vincent, he developed a self-sufficient community. The monks farmed, built a gristmill for grain, and began printing books. These books were primarily texts for students and monks in formation; however, the Abbey Press soon grew to accommodate and publish books written by community monks.

While the Abbey Press no longer exists, and Archabbey Publications now develops books for on-demand printing, the monks of the Abbey still do custom bookbinding.

An inquiry and estimate for the custom binding of a book would involve filling out the form below for an estimated price. For any questions prior filling out the form (i.e colors/shades of leather available for the cover, etc) contact

The custom order would ultimately involve submitting the text/content of the book as a pdf document.